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International Symposium
on Production and Establishment of Micropropagated Plants
April 19-24, 2015,
Sanremo, Italy

Propagation of Ornamental Plants
19(3): 61-65, 2019


Doo Hwan Kim1, Kyung Won Kang2, and Iyyakkannu Sivanesan1*

1 Department of Bioresources and Food Science, Institute of Natural Science and Agriculture, Konkuk University, 1 Hwayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, 05029 Seoul, Republic of Korea, *Fax: + 8224503310, *E-mail:
2 Babo Orchid Farm, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do 472-831, Republic of Korea

A successful protocol for in vitro asymbiotic seed germination of Gastrochilus japonicus (Makino) Schltr. was established. Surface disinfected seeds were cultured on Hyponex, Knudson C, half- and full-strength Murashige and Skoog basal nutrients without vitamins (MSB), and Vacin and Went media containing 0.5 g l-l AC, 10 g l-l banana pulp, 2 g l-l peptone, 30 g l-l sucrose, and 8 g l-l plant agar. Among the five nutrient media studied, half-strength MSB medium was found to be the best for seed germination of G. japonicus. The addition of coconut water (CW) to the half-strength MSB medium enhanced the frequency of seed germination. The highest percentage of seed germination (95.4%) was attained on half-strength MSB medium supplemented with 50 ml l-1 CW. Protocorms were subcultured on the half-strength MSB medium containing 50 ml l-1 CW, 0.5 g l-l AC, 10 g l-l banana pulp and 2 g l-l peptone with different concentrations of thidiazuron (TDZ). The highest frequency of protocorm induction (87.3%) with a mean of 7.3 secondary protocorms was obtained on the culture medium supplemented with 2 µM TDZ. The best protocorm conversion (92.1%) was observed on Hyponex medium containing 0.5 g l-l AC, 10 g l-l banana pulp, 2 g l-l peptone, 20 g l-l potato homogenate, and 1 µM α-naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA). Seedlings were acclimatized in the greenhouse with an 86% survival rate.

Key words: auxin, asymbiotic seed germination, coconut water, endangered species, protocorm, thidiazuron

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