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International Symposium
on Production and Establishment of Micropropagated Plants
April 19-24, 2015,
Sanremo, Italy

Propagation of Ornamental Plants
10(1): 9-13, 2010


Emilia Caboni*, Massimiliano Meneghini, and Mariagrazia Tonelli

CRA - Fruit Tree Research Center, Via di Fioranello 52, 00134 Rome, Italy,
*Fax: +3906 79340158, *E-mail:

An improved protocol for efficient micropropagation was developed for azarole (Crataegus azarolus L.), a Mediterranean native species valuable for ornamental, fruit and medicinal purposes. Shoot cultures, established from axillary buds of adult tree, were multiplied on a modified LP medium supplied with 0.9, 1.8 or 3.6 µM BA, or CPPU. The highest axillary shoot multiplication was obtained on modified LP medium supplied with 1.8 µM BA. Concerning rooting, the highest percentage and number of roots was obtained with 19.6 µM IBA applied for 5 days or 392 µM IBA applied for 1 day. The subsequent transferring to a medium solidified with a mix of agar and vermiculite was retained for further improvement of the root system.

Key words: BA, CPPU, Crataegus azarolus L., IBA, in vitro rooting, shoot proliferation, vermiculite

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